Response to Written Ministerial Statement on UK Shale Gas

17 May 2018

Egdon Resources welcomes the Government’s support and commitment to our industry as laid out in the Written Ministerial Statement (“WMS”) of today from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government .(DHCLG).

The statement itself constitutes a material consideration in planning decisions (i.e. carries weight in law) and reiterates that shale gas development is of national importance. The Government will publish revised planning practice guidance on shale development in the summer. It will also launch two consultations in the period; one that will consider allowing exploration wells to be drilled under permitted development (i.e. without the requirement of a full planning application) and the other to consult on the inclusion of shale production projects into the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects regime.

The full text of the WMS can be found at

Commenting Mark Abbott, Managing Director of Egdon Resources plc, said:

“Egdon welcomes the Government’s announcement today which emphasised the national importance that shale gas exploration and development has in delivering a safe and secure energy source, whilst meeting the country’s Climate Change obligations. In particular we welcome the measures the Government has introduced on making the planning process “faster and fairer” and providing additional resources to help stretched local authorities.

Gas is used to heat more than 80% of the UK’s households and for cooking in more than 60% of the UK’s homes. Whilst renewable sources of energy provide a growing share of our electricity, gas still accounts for nearly half.

We currently import 50% of our gas needs at a significant financial cost to the UK taxpayer – over £13 million a day – and that figure is set to grow to almost 80% by 2035.

The UK’s gas reserves contribute to ensuring the country has a secure, affordable and low carbon energy source.”