Egdon was formed in 1997 and awarded its first licence in 1998. In 2000 Egdon gained its first operated licence and listed on the OFEX market.  In 2004 Egdon listed on AIM.  In January 2008 Egdon demerged its gas storage business, Portland Gas plc (now renamed Infrastrata), and again became a focused exploration and production business with conventional and unconventional resources assets in the UK.


The Board has updated the Company’s strategy to take account the opportunities and challenges presented by the wider economic and political environment and the UK’s move to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.  We have updated the Company’s strategy as follows;

  • Maintain geographical focus on the UK
  • Focus on growth in production and revenue through conventional production, appraisal and exploration projects
  • A near term focus on developing low carbon energy transition projects utilising Egdon’s existing assets, knowledge of the UK Onshore geology and core technical skills and operating experience
  • Maintain and explore our significant portfolio of unconventional resources assets with the lifting of the fracking moratorium