Egdon was formed in 1997 and awarded its first licence in 1998. In 2000 Egdon gained its first operated licence and listed on the OFEX market. In 2004 Egdon listed on AIM. In January 2008 Egdon demerged its gas storage business, Portland Gas plc (now renamed Infrastrata), and again became a focused exploration and production business.

Egdon Timeline

1997 Egdon formed by Andrew Hindle and Mark Abbott

1998 First licence awarded in Wessex Basin

1999 First French licence awarded

2000 Listed on OFEX market and raised first equity

2000 First licence awarded as operator

2003 Drilled first exploration well – West Compton-1 in Wessex Basin

2004 Completed first operated well – Waddock Cross-2

2004 Listed on AIM

2006 Acquisition of Keddington oil field = first operated production

2008 Demerger of gas storage business “Portland Gas” (now InfraStrata)

2008 Drilled first French operated exploration well – Grenade-3

2010 Acquisition of EnCore UK and France asset package

2010 Sale of French subsidiary to eCORP

2013 Confirmation of Gainsborough Trough Shale-Gas Resource and low cost acreage acquisitions

2014 Farm-out/Opt-in to Total validates Gainsborough Trough shale-gas play

2014 Acquisition of Certain Alkane Energy UK Exploration acreage, associated £7m placing and open offer transforms Egdon into a significant shale-gas acreage holder

2014 Operated Wressle oil Discovery

2015 Successful Wressle testing

2015 14th Round Awards

2016 48TCF of mean of undiscovered shale gas initially in place assessed by ERC Equipoise

2016 Planning consent received for first, non-operated, shale gas exploration wells at Springs Road, Misson, Nottinghamshire

2017 Acquisition of Fiskerton Airfield producing oil field

2018 Petrichor acquires increased interest in Egdon Resources, Biscathorpe site construction commenced, Ceres field primary production restarted

2019 Successful completion of basin opening shale and tight gas exploration well Springs Road-1  in the Gainsborough Trough

2020 Approval on appeal of the Wressle development and farm out of Resolution and Endeavour gas discoveries to Shell 

2021 Wressle onstream Ashover Grit under test production since February 2021 under natural flow and after a proppant squeeze the forecast full production rate of 500 b/d was achieved in August 2021.  Subsequent test rates over the August november period greatly  exceeded this level with September 2021 peak rates of  884 barrels of oil per day and 480,000 cubic feet of gas per day on a restricted choke with no formation water seen. Testing continues into 2022.