Grant of Options to Directors

26 February 2013

Egdon Resources plc (AIM:EDR) announces that as part of its annual salary and incentive review it has granted options to the following Directors under the terms of the Companys Enterprise Management Investment Option Scheme.

Director Number of Options granted Exercise Price (pence) Vesting Date Exercisable Until
Mark Abbott 600,000 10 1 January 2014 31 March 2022
Jerry Field 600,000 10 1 January 2014 31 March 2022

Following the grant of the options, which were effective at 1 January 2013, the interests of the Directors in the share capital of the Company are as follows:

Director Total number of Options held over Ordinary Shares Number of Ordinary Shares held
Mark Abbott 1,218,429 7,563,824
Jerry Field 1,388,600 0