AGM Voting Results and Proxy Appointments

8 December 2009

Company Documentation

At the Egdon Resources plc annual general meeting held on Thursday 3rd December 2009 the following resolutions were proposed by the Chairman and passed unanimously by shareholders on a show of hands. Proxies were received by the Company from shareholders prior to the meeting as set out against the resolutions.

ORDINARY RESOLUTIONS Proxies For (of votes cast) Proxies Against (of votes cast) Total proxy votes cast as % of shares in issue
1. To receive the Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 July 2009  100.00%  nil%  36.32%
2. To re-appoint Nexia Smith & Williamson Audit Limited as auditors at a remuneration to be determined by the Directors  100.00% nil%  36.35%
 3. To re-elect Mark Abbott  100.00%  nil%  36.35%
 4. To re-elect Andrew Hindle  99.91%  0.09%  36.35%
 5. To grant the directors authority to allot shares on the basis set out in the Notice of AGM  99.99%  0.01%  36.32%
 6. To disapply pre-emption rights on the basis set out in the Notice of AGM  99.99%  0.01%  36.35%
 7. To amend the articles of association of the Company.  99.99%  0.01%  36.35%

Note to the disclosure
Any proxy appointments which gave discretion to the proxy have been included in the “for” total.